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I was wondering if GauchoSpace might consider supporting question and answer integrations from some open source softwares. An example would be Question2Answer:

It would be great to be able to integrate this into a GauchoSpace site.

Submitted by: Casey Blacker on October 20, 2017

Box integration with GauchoSpace would be useful.

Submitted by: Linda Adler-Kassner on October 20, 2017

Currently we accept applications for the UCDC program through a combination of a form on our website,, and subsequent emailed documents from the student. The data is transferred to a shared spreadsheet document. We would like a more unified, web-based process for receiving and processing applications.

Submitted by: Jacob LaViolet on October 20, 2017

GauchoSpace should have its own Twitter account and we should embed the feed on GauchoSpace. We would need someone who would want to communicate this way as part of their job. Don't look at me, though.

Submitted by: Diane Soini on November 03, 2017